Employee Owned America




Beyond Engagement

by Corey Rosen

[Editor’s note: The launch of an ESOP doesn’t magically transform how employees view their jobs. So how can companies get people thinking and acting like the owners they are? Corey Rosen’s new book (left) offers a wealth of information and examples showing ways to do just that. We present a short excerpt here, illustrating how three companies have developed custom tools to help people understand and use the numbers that drive the business. Get the  ...

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New Belgium Brewing and the Future of American ESOPs

by Christopher Mackin

With the news arriving in late December that New Belgium Brewery employees voted to confirm the sale of their company to Kirin-owned Lion Little World Beverages, it is now official: a legendary ESOP story that began in the year 2000 is over. New Belgium Brewery is no longer an employee-owned company.

As news of the sale recedes, it is interesting to contemplate how New Belgium’s 700 employees might feel about the vote. A last-minute

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Capitalism for People

By John Case

[The following article was written for a general readership–people who are apt to be unfamiliar with ESOPs. We are reprinting it here because the history and issues it discusses are relevant to the future of employee ownership.]

On November 27, 1973, 46 years ago this month, Louis Kelso and Senator Russell Long, along with two aides, had dinner together in the Montpelier Room of the Madison Hotel in Washington, D.C. By  ...

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