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Welcome to Employee-Owned America

It’s a site for everyone in the employee ownership community who wants to see this great idea grow and develop. (For an introduction to the concept, click here.)

Employee-Owned America is edited by John Case. John’s a veteran journalist, a former senior writer at Inc. magazine, and author or coauthor of numerous books on business and economics. With Corey Rosen and Martin Staubus, he wrote the pathbreaking book Equity: Why Employee Ownership Is Good for Business, published by Harvard Business School Press. His articles have appeared in Inc., Harvard Business Review, the Atlantic, and many other publications. (You can find a recent example here.) John is responsible for all unsigned articles appearing on this site.

The site is independently owned and edited. However, we work closely with the National Center for Employee Ownership, where John serves on the board, and with other organizations in the field. We welcome communications, contributions, and event notices–please use the form below to establish contact, and we’ll respond as soon as we can. All contributions for publication, if accepted, may be condensed and edited.

Contributing editors:

Joseph Blasi, J. Robert Beyster Distinguished Professor and Director, Institute for the Study of Employee Ownership and Profit Sharing, Rutgers University
Gellert Dornay, Founder and Director, Axia Home Loans
Christopher Mackin, President, Ownership Associates
Michael Quarrey, Vice-President, Operations, Web Industries
Stephen Ringlee, Managing Director, Centesimus Capital
Loren Rodgers, Executive Director, NCEO
Corey Rosen, Co-founder, NCEO


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