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State Centers: Boots on the Ground

State-level centers—there are ten active ones right now, plus the Employee Ownership Expansion Network—are on the front lines of the movement for more and better employee ownership. The centers are policy advocates, sources of support and information, places where people who want to learn about employee ownership from local peers can go. So we asked center staff to tell us what they have been doing. What are their biggest challenges? What opportunities lie ahead? Among the answers are  ...

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The Drumbeat

Bishop Support EO

August 28, 2019. The Labor Day statement of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, released today, strongly supports employee ownership. “The advantages of worker ownership are especially pronounced for young people, women, and people of color,” the bishops noted.

The Drumbeat

New EO Grants

August 28, 2019. Kendeda Fund announced grants of $24 million over four years to help workers adopt democratic employee ownership plans. The four grantees are the Evergreen Cooperative Corporation’s Fund for Employee Ownership, the ICA Group, Nexus Community Partners, and Project Equity.

The Drumbeat

Alton Steel

August 28, 2019. Alton Steel, based in Illinois, has been sold to its ~50 salaried employees through an ESOP. The company’s 200-plus hourly workers, not included in the plan, are represented by the United Steel Workers of America.